Sell Your Baby & Children's Clothing

We spend a fortune on our children's clothing but sadly they outgrow it very quickly. By the age of just five years old children have outgrown up to ten clothing sizes. Selling clothing is very time consuming so it tends to be passed to friends or donated to charity. We can take the hassle of selling away.

We can either buy your items directly from you, or we offer an agency service were we can sell them on your behalf for a fee. 


Items we accept

We accept clothing from size newborn up to 12 years, with the exception of socks and underwear. We accept all high street and designer brands but we do not accept items from Matalan, Primark or supermarkets as sadly their re sale value is too low. 

Items must be in excellent condition with no marks or stains and purchased within the last six years. 

How it works

We can either buy your items directly from you or we can sell them for you via our ebay accounts. You are likely to make more money if we sell them for you but the process takes a few weeks longer.

If you want to sell them to us we simply need to agree a price and payment will be sent upon receipt of the items.   

If we are selling them for you; we will iron, photograph and list your items on eBay for a fee. Any unsold items can be returned or donated to charity.

We recommend you send any items via a tracked delivery service and your name and contact details need to be inside the parcel.

Before you send any items you will need to book them in with us first.

If you have any questions please get in touch via the options below or through our social media sites.

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Sell Your Baby & Children's Clothing

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